What does a dirty storefront tell about the business and its owner?

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A dirty shop front window is a common sign of an overwhelmed, deflated and often depressed business owner. When we start a new venture we are full of energy. At the end of the day, our dream is coming to life! In the early days, everything is kept clean and tidy and somewhere at the top of the priority list is having the shop front window clean. With time, if the owner does not Stand Back, things start to deteriorate. At some point, the owner couldn’t care less about the state of the window, as there are other more important fires to fight. 

Companies that work without the owner have a regular procedure for cleaning various parts of the business. The cleaning of the shop front window should be outsourced to a company that regularly turns up and does the job. This is an easy Stand Back solution that anyone can introduce into their business. 

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