The Stand Back course

The aim is for you to Stand Back from your business. The course contains over 30 videos that will change the way you perceive your business and the world around you. Next, you will receive step by step instructions of how to make your business work without you. As an example you will learn the importance of delivering speeches to your employees, book yourself holidays to create a non-negotiable deadline for Standing Back, re-arrange your office, implement procedures, learn about finances in business, learn the principles of successful entrepreneurs, etc. Standing Back will require a lot of effort on your behalf, but it is well worth it and this course will assist you. At the end of the day, being able to own a business that runs without you is any entrepreneur’s dream. It will take you to another league of business owners and open exciting new opportunities.

gain the ability to build a successful team

LEARN HOW to replace yourself with systems and procedures

discover your personal PURPOSE

LEARN time-management skills

master the art of becoming a leader

understand the golden rules of finance

over 30 video lessons

Step by step implementation guide

Practical skills and knowledge

Change of mindset

Case studies

Stand Back is the next step in your career

The Stand Back course will change the way you perceive your business and the world that surrounds you. You will consider and advance your methods in business and learn how Standing Back from your business can help you and your company.

First - you will regain your freedom.

Second - You will start finding ideas and innovations that when implemented, will help you grow your business.

It may take even up to 1-2 years. But don’t worry! This time will pass anyway, so you have a choice of leaving this how they are or make a change and start your STAND BACK TODAY. Are you ready?

To successfully Stand Back a business can even take up to two years, but don’t worry! You are giving yourself the choice, either leaving things how they are or making a change and starting your STAND BACK today!

Are you ready to change your business and your life today?

There are two different types of businesses

Look around and you will see two totally different types of businesses: ones that are run by the owner and others that have multiple locations, therefore simply can’t be run by the owner. If you are in the first group, then you only need to learn how the other companies operate and how to make the transition to the second group.

The Stand Back course has been designed to shift your mindset.

Think of your business as a machine. At the moment, you are its centrepiece – you are the main part that pulls all the other parts to keep it going. Without you, the machine grinds to a halt.

You need to understand, that this is not how successful businesses work.

Your role, as the business owner, is to enjoy the ride. It means you need to be a car designer driving a nice car and not a horse pulling a heavy carriage. You can easily hand over the keys for someone else to have a ride too. As a designer however, you can tweak the car and make improvement to make it run even better.

Your magical touch within your business will still be required, but when your business runs without you, this becomes great fun! 

This course is not a check-list of items that just need to be watched or completed. The necessary shift of your mindset takes time and so does the process of replacing yourself with systems and procedures.

As an entrepreneur, you need to be free to pursue new ideas, implement innovations, be hungry and awaken your inner fire again.

Our ultimate goal is for you to become a part of the Stand Back community; the community of smart business owners, who can both run a successful companies and enjoy their private life.

Get ready to be challenged and start questioning what has been the status quo for your company so far.


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